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Free Massages by Dr. Martin

August 15, 2019, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

A day at the office calls for a few minutes of therapeutic relief! Reserve your massage from the well versed chiropractor, Dr. Martin, August 15th from 11AM-2PM to get a new pep in your step. You can make your appointment here. Please remember to arrive 5 minutes early to your appointment. Space is limited!

Granite Park Three


5601 Granite Parkway (Suite 130B)

Dr. Martin spent 8 years working in the pharmaceutical industry before one man’s tragic story of cancer changed the direction of Dr. Martin’s life forever. Dr. Martin became unsatisfied with how sick the American public had become and the lack of results he saw in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Martin realized that medication often treats SYMPTOMS, but seldom addresses the CAUSE. On his journey to find a new perspective on healing, Dr. Martin found his place at the Harvard of Chiropractic Schools, Parker University. At Parker, Dr. Martin dedicated years to learning about how true healing comes through proper spinal alignment, modification of the typical American lifestyle, and reduction in the daily poisons that come with it. He has researched almost every technique of physical healing. Dr. Martin teaches his patients to embrace a new lifestyle based on removing interference so the body can heal itself. If you’re happy with your results, go check out his new clinic and website- click here. 

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